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Now is a great time to switch to reusable cloth products to replace the wasteful and hard to get paper products. These reusable cloth napkins are made from crisp cotton fabric with pretty edges, each set comes with 4 different variants of color. Choose from Neons/grey, neons/white, pink/grey (1 set left) browns/grey (1 set left) blue embroidered(made from linen blend,set of 8 lunch sized, only 1 set left), green embroidered( set of 4 lunch sized, only 1 set left)Once you start using cloth napkins on a regular basis you wont ever want to use paper napkins again! They are so much nicer and you can wash them with your regular loads of laundry.  Make sure you start your collection with enough to last without having to wash for a week.

Reusable Cloth Napkins

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